With the New World Symphony

“Through most of his performance of the Bartók Violin Concerto No. 2 with the New World Symphony at the Arsht Center in Miami Saturday, Shaham played with the clean style and preternatural bow control for which he is known. But he knew when to bring a touch of Hungarian mountain fiddler to his playing, when he dug in to produce a grinding buzz when the concerto’s rapid passagework reached the violin’s lowest string. With guest conductor Pablo Heras-Casado on the podium, Shaham gave a performance of the 1938 concerto that expressed all of its breadth, from its Romantic melodies to its modernistic rhythms and sizzling virtuosity.”

“He powered through the runs and chords of one of the most difficult concertos in the repertory with astonishing speed and accuracy, while giving these passages an electric energy.”
—David Fleshler, South Florida Classical Review, February 25, 2018

“Shaham always managee [sic] to infuse the most oft-played works with new life and his reading of the Tchaikovsky was no exception. With exceptionally strong teamwork with guest conductor Cristian Macelaru the result was a freshly conceived and exciting performance.”

“From the violin’s initial entrance, Shaham’s burnished tone and impeccable intonation caressed Tchaikovsky’s melodies. The violinist’s aristocrat shaping of the second theme was one of many reinvigorating details that gave the music new life.”

“He brought out the yearning and aching sadness of the Canzonetta, with soft playing that approached a whisper. Shaham was not afraid to bend or stretch a phrase, yet his interpretive choices were always musically astute and never exaggerated. He brought a touch of gypsy paprika to the finale, breezing through the twists and turns with abandon.”
Lawrence Budmen, South Florida Classical Review, January 10, 2016

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