Gil’s performance of Mozart’s “Turkish” concerto delights in Seattle and Pittsburgh

With ten concertos planned in the 2012-2013 season, Gil turned to one of his favorite, Mozart’s Violin Concerto No. 5, “Turkish”, in recent performances with the Seattle and Pittsburgh Symphonies.    “Delight is perhaps the only word strong enough to describe the response that Gil Shaham’s performance evoked in the audience, this critic included,” gushed the Seattle Times; “there are standing ovations, and standing ovations. The one that greeted this performance was exceptionally full-throated.”  The Pittsburgh Post Gazette was equally enthusiastic when it reported that “Mr. Shaham was in his own world, and possibly in Mozart’s head… He seemed to be having the same experience with the soaring themes and poignant phrasing as Mozart did. He varied the violin’s timbre as he passed through the work, as if it were a dynamic written in the score. He knew when to grab for the grandiose, such as in the first theme the violin gets in the opening movement, and when to let the pure-toned chords speak for themselves. It was as if he was viewing the work as it developed compositionally, not just as notes to play.”

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