“In a world full of outstanding violinists, Shaham is one of the few identifiable by sound and style alone.”

Boston Globe

“A virtuoso and a player of deeply intense ­sincerity…. One of today’s pre-eminent violinists.”

The New York Times

“…among the most inspired violinists of his ­generation.”

The Guardian

“Shaham’s mastery has only grown more ­profound…”

The San Francisco Chronicle

“Shaham delivered it like a whirling dervish, with an array of exotic colours that embraced this long concerto’s sweetness, its inwardness and folkloric bravura.”

The Financial Times

“Shaham played the Brahms Violin Concerto, ­fueled by the sort of energy and passion that lifts a performance far above the notes on the page…wholly unexpected, ravishing playing.”

Seattle Times

“Gil Shaham delivered the finest performance of the Brahms Violin Concerto I’ve ever ­experienced.”

The Denver Post

“With guest conductor Pablo Heras-Casado on the podium, Shaham gave a performance of [Bartók’s Violin Concerto No. 2 with the New World Symphony] the 1938 concerto that expressed all of its breadth, from its Romantic melodies to its modernistic rhythms and sizzling virtuosity…He powered through the runs and chords of one of the most difficult concertos in the repertory with astonishing speed and accuracy, while giving these passages an electric energy.”

South Florida Classical Review

“Shaham’s tone is clear and sweet, and he plays with quiet but unmistakable ardor. There is a ­seamless flow to his performance, a sense of ­propulsion ­fueled by both thoughtful ­concentration and a ­willingness to let the music take flight.”

The Chicago Sun-Times

“nothing is unplayable for Gil Shaham. His ­technique is flawless, his understanding is deep, and his physical movements–sometimes resembling a restaurant fiddler as he sashays from one side of the stage to the other…”